One thing that still puts me in awe is your age. On the face level, it does not match the giant character you are.

But again, I have considered the works you have done and the strides you have achieved and I am not quite surprised any longer.

But again, I have seen, read, watched and heard your stories and your daring challenges towards life and I am not quite surprised any longer.

But again, I have been proud to have be faintly associated with you and to learn, first hand, from your wealth of unconventional wisdom and so I am now quite surprised any longer.

Happy birthday my friend and brother Reuben Griffiths Bekoe.

There is just so much of good things to pour out for you on this special day of yours but I will be guided by the fact that in all the beauties and hard work that you churn out, there is an even stronger spirit driving you towards them.

That's the kind of man I celebrate today.

There are places you've been to and things that you have done that I could, by only the stretch of my imagination, only imagine but I celebrate with you nonetheless.

You are a great man in a small skin and I'm glad you've chosen the path of difference. May this day be a great start to greater things for you in this life.

Cheers buddy and keep soaring high and doing great things.




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