They say this trade I ply, there is no excuse for disappointing people.

It simply does not matter the excuse I wield when I disappoint – I’ve got to deliver.


And only now, I’m wondering what it would matter if again, like it happened last year, I bring my nagging yet exact situation before you again? Truth is that I will just mar the essence of your beautiful day if I did so here it is: I am keeping my word.

Whatever happens, we will meet soon but before then, like I have wondered about this Ewe man called Nana Elikem (where from the Nana?), I am tempted to find out where this untraditionally inconsistent first name of yours stems from?

You see, I am inquisitive like that too o.

Besides, what will it cost you if you just wrote a short article, stating examples and introducing diagrams to explain this mystery to the whole world? I’d be glad to help though.

Well, now that I have nagged a little, I think that I should say this to you. Maybe I should just say I admire you but fact is that what I admire more is your strength.

Charley, you’ve got energy and style. And since I am asking a lot of questions today, may I ask; what is it with you and braids? Witchcraft or charm? Admiration or excitement?

I’d be expecting answers o.

Now here is your wish: Happy Birthday Miss Wittingly-Controversial Hajia Lamy Gates.

Seeing feeds from people like you on my timeline make me – partly. I’m excited about the person you are and it is too obvious you have a strong attraction to having fun.

That’s exactly what I wish you for today – have fun.

There’s something extra enchanting about you too and maybe one day, I can come to unravel, understand or get deeper perspective into it. It should be fun.

Dear, stay safe and stay blessed and I hope this wish makes your evening in as little ways as I imagine it.

(Forgive my incoherence in this too – I’m not exactly thinking straight)




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