I am going to speak about something you might all have heard of before, been exposed to personally, or simply haven’t heard of before.

It’s the subject of kindness but with a twisted spine to it.


I am told of a story akin to mine, where a certain young man approached a certain well-placed man in the society for help. It was not supposed to be a wrong decision to have singled this man out to ask of help from because he appeared as the most obvious to help the young man.

He had the means too.

And so he did help him and even more, made sure to leave the young man with something to help him with a few other things that he didn’t even ask of. That was extremely kind of him.

This was the kind of kindness that his kind were expected to do and it was beautiful.

But when this “a certain well-placed man in the society” made it another one of his examples of benevolence and left no chance to spare and shared with other people how he had contributed to helping this young man, the scales fell from his eyes.

He lost it.

Did he need to tell everybody what he had done for others in secret? Should we even call that a secret-thing?

Hassi Baniaz, you show kindness that not even your other hand gets a scent of a scent of.

And you know what excites me about you: you only sometimes get angry because when and where you could have easily helped out, the very people close to you fail to mention it to you until it is too late, or only after you find out yourself.

You get angry that you could help and it was kept from you – that’s sexy.

You are kind and it is in your eyes.



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