Atisu Atsu and I were having a chat yester-night and he mentioned that I do well to mention his wish in my wishes today to you. He insisted that I don’t leave him out and since you seem to like the guy much more than you do me, I didn’t want to disappoint.

For today alone, I will behave.


So, as it stands now, consider this his wish, but written for him by me.

And my mom, who, from the first day you dragged your unwelcomed self into my house, and she saw you, liked you and has almost tagged you a daughter, also wishes that while I wish you well on this day, I don’t forget to make her a part of it.

That’s a tall order already but I know that before this day finally ends, if Fafa Atisu doesn’t see these wishes, she will eventually come here to wish you well.

My dad will not wish you and that excites me because, like it is in the 2017 Animated Movie, Boss Baby, it seems your entrance into my family has only meant that you have magnetized all the attention from them onto yourself.

It’s greedy.

In fact, you never gave me enough time to think through the idea of giving you a seat in my house – you just forced yourself on us.

Who does that?

Yet I can’t even hate you because you’ve got great smiles and a heart of beauty that draws good things only to you and all you encounter you.

But I must ask o Hassi Baniaz, is this witchcraft?



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