At the end of the day, let us all not be blinded, shoved aside and forget that she has received a lot of gifts today too and that it will only be fair that she shares too.


Let us not forget that for those who could not personally deliver their gifts, many of them have promised her quite a number of things. That, unfortunately, is the mistake this group of persons have made because should they default, we all know what this fine 24-year-old is capable of.

Let us not forget too that away from all the nice things this fine 24-year-old has been bombarded with today, she can really tease too.

Let us not forget too that what we see in front of her face when she smiles isn’t a boxing mouth guard but her own treasure of ecstasy that she shows to us to cover up the fact that she cries too.

Let us not forget that like every regular human being, this fine 24-year-old can be so frustrated about certain aspects of life but unlike a lot of the others, she actually makes good of her criticisms: she does so constructively.

Let us not forget that her maiden name is Portia.

Let us not forget that her other enchanting Ewe name is Selenu.

Let us not forget that this fine 24-year-old whines so bad about NSS allowances so much that when she updates her status with another whine concerning the NSS, people just have to go into hiding from her.

Let us not forget, very finally, that under some four hours, all this whining and plenty notifications from a Mamavi Goh will all end. Indeed, nothing lasts forever.

Happy birthday Philomina Catherine Portia Selenu Mamavi Goh.

I suspect a few things have drawn tears from your eyes today for it is not possible to act all “tough girl” on a special day like this. I admire your strength and I celebrate your personality.

Now that my job is done for today, let me go and sleep while I prepare for the next big thing happening in a few days with another crazy girl that this life has brought into my space.

Ayekoo and stay blessed dear.




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