My clock reads something a little more than half the hour of nine in the morning and a little less than half an hour short of ten, in the morning.

So, did I share my first story with you already?


And before anything else, I want to say that yesterday felt truly honourable for me. It was a day among the many days I have been doing birthday posts for people but this one felt isolatedly special.

I had people come to my wall to make comments on your “pre-birthday” gift from me as if all these four or so years that I have been doing this for all these many, many people, didn’t even exist. Your people are enchanting and they make me feel like a tiny piece of “nkatie-cake” in a barrel-full of honey.

That’s too sweet you know.

But aren’t you sweet too? And however relative this expression of you being sweet is that people would intend to tease out puns from, I have just come to let you know that like names, we were all brought up in different places and under very different experiences.

This is a beautiful shot of a “large” picture though Mamavi Goh.

But more seriously, when I talked about feeling special yesterday after I put up your little early surprise, I had to remind myself that this friend that you are isn’t just one of the ordinary ones. You will understand this better in the next paragraph.

And this is about somebody, or rather, persons, that we both know. They operate a very private family lifestyle such that they are not always sharing a lot of their family moments with the rest of the world as it should be but when they decide to draw particular people in it, they come with a full force.

They make these new additions to their family virtually restless from their involving nature – getting them on board almost always, like nuisance itself.

But there is one last thing that I will tell you: you are family. You actually became family long before I knew it.

And perhaps, the only reason I didn’t realize it too early was because I always took that common saying among my family that “our family is so big” lightly.

Now, I know better.



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