I personally love this dress.


The issue about me loving your smile is beyond essence now so let’s skip that.

Your hairdo? Well, I’m yet to get a surprise from you on that – always on point.

And now, why are you turning away all the fine proposals coming to you recently? I even hear that you got a diary for these people. Eeei sister, borkoor…

By the way, isn’t it obvious by now that while days like this and people who tag along it show how much of an impact we have made in life, yours goes beyond the click of a button and the uploading of images?

Look, what people are talking about today so elaborately on your timeline are testimonies and true affection. These people are pouring out tips of the huge swells of encounters they have had with you and for those who haven’t met you yet, they are talking about their appreciation for how your life has affected theirs.

You think you’re being called Queen of Facebook in a blanket? Do you remember our discussions during your relationship hashtag peak? And even before your TedTalk, do you remember?

Don’t stress or belittle it my friend – you’ve been a blessing beyond the words, and you’ve been strong words to people even beyond the connections.

Mine is to simply tout all that everybody else is saying to you and to consciously remind you of the little outlets of immense blessings that you do not see in all they are saying. After all, why am I here?

You are my queen Mamavi Goh.



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