My brother Alfred Godwin Adjabeng, Happy birthday to you.

Do you want to know why I can’t imagine ever having a resting point in celebrating you or using you as a good example whenever I get the opportunity? This story should help both of us out.


So you see, I had an opportunity once to mount a stage to sing and when I had commanded all the excellencies of what I imagined were the best moves I had, something rather interesting happened.

This thing, although it defeated my efforts, made me even prouder; baby sis took the shine out of my performance a few minutes ago. It was like that moment when a spot of light is introduced into the thickness of the dark.

It was flawless and less strenuous than mine was and that was how till date, her name keeps going ahead of pleasantries that I have had with a number of people: they remember her one-time show so well over mine.

Now that’s one sister of mine that I have been so proud of.

Here again, you should know why this story makes more sense to me now: it is not what nature presents us with; it is what we do with what it throws at us.

Let me explain further. It is not about where you were yesterday; it is what is driving you now towards where you hope to be tomorrow. And like I was pleasantly surprised to learn recently, those after us always do better and that is what life is all about.

Today again, I repeat that I always had a good feeling that you Alfred Godwin Adjabeng were not one of those to be held in a box, stationed in a forgotten location and left to rot – you had that “breaking out” aura around you and thank God that it is this same energy that is pushing you to make the difference that you are blessing this life with.

I have every cause, based on these, to celebrate you now and always and if it is anyway an embarrassment to you, sorry but I have more in store for you.

Besides, you can’t be celebrated enough Alfred Godwin Adjabeng.

Charley, do have fun and keep looking to God for help ok because none else can give you that help.

I wish you well bro.




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