Keni’s blog was the first place I saw this. And even before I started this, I was unconfident in my ability to make it any further than the 40th mark but phew, here it is.

I confess too that by the time I typed out the last point on this list, I realized how much more I still had up the ceiling of my brains that I would have loved to share.

So, in the spirit of following in the footsteps of my friend and senior blogger Keni, here’s to happiness and to knowing a little more about me than I usually let on in a single post.

Any of these on my feet any day feels like ice cream on the tongue. 
  1. The fact that I am a twin.
  2. The fact that my twin and I are fraternal.
  3. Writing.
  4. Reading.
  5. Smiling.
  6. Singing with my kid sister.
  7. Arguing with big sister.
  8. Sharing my secrets with my twin.
  9. Listening to music – good music preferably gospel and country.
  10. Wearing an earpiece around my neck.
  11. Eulogizing my friends on their birthdays.
  12. Visiting my blog.
  13. Reading things I wrote more than six months ago.
  14. Sleeping on a student mattress on the floor of my room.
  15. Wearing African print.
  16. Lacoste.
  17. Good shoes.
  18. Reading anything written by some of my favourite writers in the world: Manasseh Azure Awuni, Maukeni Padiki Kodjo and Akorfa Glover.
  19. Carrying lunch from home to work.
  20. Answering questions about things I write about.
  21. Explaining the meaning of the name BUBUNE.
  22. My Bubune’s naughty jokes.
  23. Sipping can drinks from a mug.
  24. Hearing the children in my church call me by my first name.
  25. Dancing in my chair.
  26. The thought of owning my own iPhone (still in progress).
  27. Wearing shoes without socks.
  28. Fact that my family has a pen (me) and a sword (Atsu, the soldier).
  29. My Former Boss and all she taught me.
  30. When my name is mentioned properly on the first attempt.
  31. Carrying a bag around.
  32. Hand beads.
  33. Eating with my hands.
  34. Discovering new writers.
  35. Anything written by Bishop Dag Heward Mills.
  36. Songs by Joe Mettle.
  37. Songs by William McDowell.
  38. South African Songs especially from Joyous Celebration.
  39. Art.
  40. Artists.
  41. Mum’s jollof.
  42. Bubune’s jollof.
  43. Travelling to rural Ghana.
  44. Listening to radio (actually only Class Fm 91.3)
  45. Waiting to be called to come for my food.
  46. Hanging trousers.
  47. Besties are also twins.
  48. Dawn prayers.
  49. Knowing that people actually read what I write.
  50. Snapping pictures.
  51. Selfies.
  52. Pay-day.
  53. Braids.
  54. Women who smile often.
  55. Women who are not rude.
  56. Men who respect women.
  57. Checking my Facebook notifications.
  58. Walking the house in my singlet.
  59. Family.
  60. Friends.
  61. Making a list of worship and praises songs for church service.
  62. Teaching at church.
  63. Birthdays; because I get to eulogize someone.
  64. A clean washroom.
  65. A messy bed – weird.
  66. Living in the mind of my future.
  67. To have twins: faith at work.
  68. Sundays.
  69. When I am called Tsevi.
  70. Plays by Ghanaian Playwrights.
  71. Women with dimples.
  72. Women who speak well.
  73. Women who write well.
  74. Women who dress decently
  75. Women who smell good.
  76. Well-mannered men.
  77. “God bless you” instead of “Thank You.”
  78. Chinese food.
  79. Fresh bread.
  80. Peanuts.
  81. Kelewele with gizzard.
  82. The fact that most of my friends are not my age mates.
  83. Happy “Coloured” socks.
  84. The colour orange.
  85. Knowing that dad is reading my stories.
  86. Completing a task.
  87. Putting a final full stop to a story.
  88. Trusting that I will have a flat tummy again; one day.
  89. Thoughts that I still have a friend called Hassi Baniaz.
  90. Thoughts that I wanted to become a doctor in future.
  91. Flipping through images on my phone.
  92. Spending my weekends at Apam.
  93. Walking around the house in my boxer shorts.
  94. Women who sing.
  95. Women who dance.
  96. Coloured suits.
  97. Fufu with light soup and fish (Tilapia).
  98. Volunteering.
  99. Painting.
  100. Laughing.
Laughter like a baby’s. 


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